Why Not To Be An Architect

Following a career in architecture is some people’s dreams job. They have dreams of designing amazing dream buildings which would make their names famous in the world. They all have dreams of grandeur where they design iconic buildings. But the thing is it is not as great as it is cut out to be. It is a much harsher and tougher job. Let me show you a couple of reasons to this effect.

One of the things that you need to deal with is that you will not get to design stuff for years. You would most probably not even get the chance to directly talk to a client or contractor for quite a number of years unless you are exceptionally good. You would be stuck in a desk job simply doing the work the top designers of the firm that you work at are currently working on. You would simply be doing someone else’s bidding. Your creativity would not be tapped into for quite some time.

Moving on an architect isn’t exactly paid that well and on top of that you are likely to get less benefits from the firm you work at in comparison to other job. These are benefits such as dental and vision insurance etc. There are only few companies that actually provide a proper benefits package and it is very hard to get into such a firm. All in all you are pretty much undervalued at where you work. The hours are long and you do not get paid for those extra hours that you put in. regardless of whether you work 8 hours a day or 16 hours a day you would still get paid the same amount. The firms are more focused on staying on schedule and getting the job done. They do not care that the cost of the job being done on time is your discomfort. So be ready for this.

What you want to design is irrelevant. It is all about what the client wants. Your say is not included. So in many occasions being an architect would include designing certain things that would go against your skills as a designer and you know may go wrong. On that same note if you make any mistakes when designing a building or room or whatever you would have to live with the fact that you are making certain people’s lives miserable every day. I mean it may have seemed like an amazing thing to try out when you thought up of it but would have ended up being horrible in reality.

You would not have time for a lot of friends outside of work either. So you better get friendly with your co-workers. All in all it is a very stressful job think long and hard whether you really want to pursue a career in this field.